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1/76th British - British vehicles 1919-1945







 (the Fox Armoured Car has been moved to the Post-War British Range)


76B03 Rubber Sherman.jpg (16585 bytes)


Dummy Sherman, Inflatable Tank, pre-D Day, 1944    GONF_05.jpg (36571 bytes)   GONF_21.jpg (50697 bytes)



76B05_ShermanBARV.jpg (40582 bytes)


Sherman BARV (Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle)

out of stock


76B06_BeaveretteMkIII.jpg (21954 bytes)


Beaverette Mk III

out of stock


76B08 Albion Transporter + KCB-17 Covenanter.jpg (49811 bytes)


Albion CX24S 20 Ton (15 Ton) Tank Transporter



76B09_Crossley.jpg (32051 bytes)


Crossley BGV3 30cwt 6 x 4




Morris Commercial D-Type 30cwt 6 x 4



76B11_Bison.jpg (41792 bytes)


Bison Concrete Armoured Lorry




Truck, 15cwt 4x2, GS Van (Ford E01Y)


76B15_RollsRoyce1920pattern AC.jpg (35790 bytes)


Rolls-Royce AC,1920 Pattern with desert-style stowage



76B-19 Fordson 7V Low Loader.jpg (40536 bytes)


Fordson 7V Tractor and Low Loader



76B20_Fordson7VTipper.jpg (36635 bytes)


Fordson 7V with Tipper Body




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Thanks to Modelstories for this photo and two above of 76B-03.  See Links page for more, and review. M. Bernhard thinks the barrels should be hollowed, but we are not sure.  Photographic evidence is inconclusive.