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Post-War Vehicles - Vehicles 1946-present day 




Post-War Vehicles


 PWA -01


M577 Armoured Command Vehicle 


 PWC-01  Type_69 2.jpg (48134 bytes)


 Type 69 MBT 


 PWJ-01  type74_002.jpg (72397 bytes)


 Type 74 MBT 


 PWR-01  Shilka.jpg (83722 bytes)


 ZSU-23-4 (Shilka) Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (SPAAG)


 PWR-02  T54S 2.jpg (90879 bytes)


 T54 MBT 


 PWR-03  T-55A_3.JPG (38700 bytes)


 T55 MBT 



 PWR-04  PWR-04 T55Enigma (4).JPG (116356 bytes)


Enigma: T55 MBT, Iraqi up-armoured PWR-04 T55Enigma (3).JPG (140516 bytes) PWR-04 T55Enigma (2).JPG (114243 bytes) PWR-04 T55Enigma (1).JPG (124491 bytes)


 PWR-05  T64 2.jpg (43318 bytes)


 T64 MBT 


 PWR-06  T-80.jpg (40189 bytes)


 T80A MBT 


 PWR-07  ZIL157 2.jpg (55343 bytes)


 Zil-157 G.S. truck 


 PWS-01 Stridsvagn_103_.jpg (48970 bytes)


 Stridsvagn 103 (strv 103) - the S-Tank


temporary box-art drawings are for guidance only and may not be 100% accurate



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In the second column M = white metal; R = resin, P = plastic   While we try to get this list 100% accurate, please note that because of the way we manufacture our models, while the larger parts are nearly always in resin, some details are produced both in metal and resin. Some examples of kits marked “metal/resin” may therefore appear entirely in resin or metal. The decisions are made for reasons of production, and do not in any way affect the quality of the model you receive. We hope you enjoy our kits.