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kcg16_stug4.JPG (27832 bytes)


Sturmgeschütz IV

Airfix etc PzKfw IV



KCG17BergepanzerIV.jpg (43906 bytes)


Bergepanzer IV     

KCG17 Berge Ben  Graves.jpg (597771 bytes)

pictures: Ben Graves

  KCG17 Bergepanzer in scenic setting.jpg (838145 bytes)



KCG-18 R 105mm Sturmhaubitze 42 (SdKfz 142/2) Airfix StuG III £5.00
KCG-19 kcg19_three_kubels2.JPG (198926 bytes) R Three Kübels - builds two box-bodied and/or rear tracked version any 1/76th £10.15
KCG-20 kcg20_munitions.jpg (37537 bytes) R Munitionsschlepper auf PzKfw I A or B - hatches and stowage for 3 versions any 1/76th £4.60
KCG-21 KCG21_beute.jpg (189198 bytes) R Beutepanzer Universal Carrier 3.7cm A/T Airfix £8.95
KCG-22 KCG22 Kubelrad 2.jpg (108050 bytes) Kübelwagen Radio Set any 1/76th/72nd £3.00
KCG-23 KCG23 desert kubel.jpg (104225 bytes) M Desert Kübelwagen – balloon tyres, tools, DAK driver any 1/76th/72nd £4.50
KCG-24 KCG24 bridge.JPG (192508 bytes) M
 PzKpfw  II Bridging tank         KCG24 bridge2.JPG (177770 bytes)
Matchbox/Revell £11.75
KCG-25 KCG25 Blitz Imbert Merc.jpg (52560 bytes) M Imbert Generator conversion for Opel Blitz  More on Imbert Generators Airfix £5.65
KCG-26 M SdKfz 7 Late Wooden Artillery Body Matchbox/Revell £15.80
KCG-27 M Panzerjäger Bren 731(e) Airfix £2.95
KCG-28 M Panzerattrappen - (dummy tank) Wooden T-34 turret for SdKfz 251 (any 251 kit) £4.50

KCG29-HolzKubel.jpg (161495 bytes)

M Imbert Generator conversion for  Kübelwagen  More on Imbert Generators Any 1/76th/72nd £5.00



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In the second column M = white metal; R = resin, P = plastic   While we try to get this list 100% accurate, please note that because of the way we manufacture our models, while the larger parts are nearly always in resin, some details are produced both in metal and resin. Some examples of kits marked “metal/resin” may therefore appear entirely in resin or metal. The decisions are made for reasons of production, and do not in any way affect the quality of the model you receive. We hope you enjoy our kits.