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British AFV Camouflage WW2
NW Europe 1939 1940 1941 1942   1943   1944 1945
Base Tone Rough kwik mix       Jan-Oct Oct-Dec Jan-April April Dec Jan-May May-Dec  
Khaki Green G3 Revell65+Humbrol 226 - 2:3           Uncommon Uncommon      
Khaki Green G5 H159 or H226                    
SCC2 R84+R86 in ratio 16:5                    
SCC15 H150+H159+Black - 5:5:2                    
US No9 OD Revell 42+H155 - equal parts       On US Supplied vehicles            
Khaki Green G3 (As Dark tone)                      
Khaki Green G5 (As light tone over base)                      
Khaki Green G4 (Dark Tone)                      
Nobel Dark Tarmac (Dark) H91+black     Rare              
SCC14 Black (Dark) R9                 Less Common  
Scc1a Dark Brown (Dark) R84+black                 Less common  
Pattern MTP20                      
Pattern MTP46                      
NO second colour                      
Middle East/Italy
Base Tone
Light Stone H74+26 ratio 8:1                    
Portland Stone 74+white+hint grey                    
Pink 118+34 in ratio 1:4                    
Light Mud 187+touch31or 72+touch67                    
As Europe                      
Mid Stone Humbrol 225   Briefly                
Silver Grey 74+34+Touch 27                    
Light Purple Brown       "Sudan" only              
Europe Base tone                   Phasing out  
Black                   Phasing out  
Dark Green 117+116                 Phasing out  
SCC1a                   Phasing out  
Dark Sand 110   Briefly                
Local patterns                      
"El Alamein"                      
"Sudan"       Rare Rare            
Far East                      
As Europe/Middle East   British supplied         US Supplied? Rare?        
SCC13 Jungle Green R42+H159                    
SCC16 Very Dark Drab                      
British Patterns
Left - MTP20 style pattern from Milifax website
British Camouflage References MTP20 stated no given pattern, just principles
www.mafva.org.uk - full mixes and discussion for British colours
http://www.matadormodels.co.uk/tank_museum/5_camo_1.htm - summary and notes Above MTP46 "Foliage" pattern from the original
Hodges and Taylor British Military Markings (New Edition) Cannon, 1994 pamphlet.
Mike Starmer has produced accurate and readable guides to camo - Mike Cooper 2005
see his books reviewed on this site