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Allied AFV recognition markings 1939-45
Key:  F = Front  S = Side R = Rear T = Top
NW Europe                      
Marking Position 1939 Oct - 1940 Jan-June 1940 July-Dec 1941 1942-Jan-Sept 1942 Sept-Dec 1943 1944-Jan-June 1944 June-Dec 1945
9inch White Square F/S/R                    
Red White Red flash - three bars each 9insx9ins  approx F/S/R                 Phaseing out  
White Star S/R                    
Star in thin circle T                    
Dayglo cloth panel T                    
White Turret Top                   Op. Goodwood Only  
White-Red-White Flash F/S/R                    
White Saltire, 1ft wide arms T         Hard to Find          
Red-White-Blue-Yellow Roundel T                   Less Common
RWR Flash F/S/R                 Less Common  
White Star, thin white ring T  and rarely S                    
White Star, thin white ring, black infill T                    
Yellow Star T                    
  Location 1940 1941 1942 Jan-August 1942 Aug-Dec 1943 Spring 1943 July-Dec 1944 1945
US/NW Europe                  
White star on red disc, blue centre F/S/T                
White Star Blue disk       Rare Rare Rare Rare    
White Turret Band             Rare    
Yellow Turret Band                  
Yellow Star         Occasional        
White Circle round Star               Less Commom Less Common
Plain white Star                  
White Turret Top               As UK?  
Thin white ring round star F/S/R/T                
Thin Yellow ring round star F/S/R/T                
Thick white Ring F/S/R/T               Less Common
Thick Yellow ring F/S/R/T                
US Flag F/S/R         Still in use Rare    
Yellow Star F/S/R/T           Less Common    
White Star F/S/R/T