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AFV Camouflage 1939-45
PLEASE NOTE: Colours shown here are indicative only, NOT exact matches - please refer to the paint mixes given
  Kwik Mix 1939 1940 1942 1943 1944 1945
Japan, China, Pacific              
Base Tone              
Tutikusa-Iro - "Khaki" Humbrol 155+86 fading 155            
Tuchi-Iro/Brown Revell 84            
Karekusa-Iro/Parched Grass Humbrol 84+touch26            
Chrome Yellow Bands Humbrol 154            
SW Pacific              
Base Tone              
Upper Hull - Green Humbrol 105            
Lower Hull - Karekusa-Iro              
Parched Grass              
Navy Armour              
As above but also              
Dark Grey overall Humbrol 67or27+77 or 77+white            
"Green" overall ?Humbrol105?            
Green on grey camo       Occasionally      
Clouds, hardedged, 3 colour              
Sprayed 3 colour              
Sprayed 2 colour              
Plain Khaki              
Base Tone Kwik mix 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945
No 9 Olive Drab Revell 42+ Humbrol 155 in ratio 1:1, fading with more 155          
NW Europe            
Black Revell 9          
No.5 Earth Brown Humbrol 29+98          
No.1 Light Green Humbrol 150       Rare  
Tunisia Morocco            
Local Mud            
No.6 Earth Yellow Revell 88+Humbrol26          
No.13 Desert Sand Humbrol 187+ touch 110     Not Common    
No. 6 Earth Yellow         Less Common  
No. 5 Earth Brown            
No 8 Earth Red Humbrol 186+ Revell 9          
Sand, Earth Red, Black, Light Green all used            
5-O Ocean Grey Humbrol 104+67+ White     Amtracs only    
Red Army use of colours did not change 1941-45
Base Tone    
Green 4BO New= Humbol 117+touch 150, fading via 117+116 to 116  
Dark Brown 6K or 6RP Revell 64+black  
Yellow earth 7K or 4BG Humbrol 94+Humbrol64  
US/UK supplied equipement usually remained in original colour.    
  Kwik mix 1940 1941 Feb-Dec 1942 1943
Grey Green Humbrol 102+67 or 105+67        
Rust red Humbrol 186+Revell 9 Tankettes      
Sand Yellow Revell 19+white or H94        
Grey Green          
Rust Red          
Sand Yellow          
GermanVehicle Painting 1939-45
Note: the "colours" used here are only representative - please use the colour matches                  
  R=Revell H= Humbrol 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945  
Base Tone Rough kwik mix   Jan-July Jul-Dec   Jan-March March-Dec Jan-Feb Feb-Dec Jan-Oct Oct-Nov Nov -Dec Jan-? ?-April
RAL7021 "Panzer Grey" Humbrol 67               Phasing out          
Ral 7028 "Dunkelgelb" H72 or H84 or H72+hint H110                          
RAL 8012 Red Primer H160+touch H100 or H60                          
Ral 6003 Olivgrun Humbrol 116+86 or 105                          
Camouflage tone/tones                            
RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown Revell 84                          
RAL 6007 Dark Green ? Humbrol 105 or 116                          
RAL 6003 Olivgrun Humbrol 116-86-102 depending on use                          
RAL 7028 "Dunkelgelb" H72 or H84 or H72+hint H110                          
N Africa
Base Tone                            
RAL 8000 Gelbbraun Humbrol 26+hint H110           Phasing out              
RAL 8020 Braun H94+61 in ratio 4:1                          
RAL 7027 Grau Humbrol 110+hint white                          
RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb               Briefly Feb onwards            
Camouflage tones                            
RAL 7008 Khakigrau R86 or R86+hint Humbrol 155                          
RAL 7027 Grau                            
Factory applied camo, hard edged                   August on        
Thinner paint                            
Mike Cooper 2005
For discussion and full bibliography see http://www.matadormodels.co.uk/tank_museum/5_camo_1.htm