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Civvy Street


KCCS01and.JPG (119116 bytes)


civilian and civilianised vehicles: 

KCCS01and4.JPG (110464 bytes)




4mm / 1/76th Scale Vehicles



76cs1_civvy_amb.jpg (43483 bytes)


Ford V8 Ambulance (London Auxiliary Ambulance Service 1940)



76cs2_civvy_taxi.jpg (71292 bytes)


Austin LL Taxi and Towed Pump,  London Auxiliary Fire Service 1940 1940 (includes taxi, Fire Service fittings, ladder and pump trailer)


76CS-03 76CS-03 Matpost war flat.JPG (46589 bytes) MR Matador Post-War Flatbed lorry £20.40
76CS-04 76CS04 Matador Logger.jpg (76126 bytes)


Matador Logging Lorry £19.90
76CS-05 76CS05 Foden semi.JPG (187068 bytes) R Foden DG Semi-Trailer, Equipment-Carrying £
76CS-06 76CS06 Morris fire.JPG (143861 bytes) R 1932 Morris Commercial 6x4 DLS Fire Engine  £16.80
76CS-07 76CS07 thresherman.JPG (149226 bytes) MR David Brown VIG Taskmaster (Industrial) or Thresherman (Agricultural) Tractor £16.85
76CS-08 76CS08 Bedford Luton.JPG (475223 bytes)


Bedford 2 ton WS with Luton Body  £19.35


Bedford OS Breakdown Lorry  £17.50


Worthington Simpson ARP 120 Trailer Pump  £7.50


Coventry Climax FF Trailer Pump  £7.50


Beresford Stork Light Trailer Pump £7.50


Coventry Climax FSM Trailer Pump £ 


Dennis TRL Fire Pump Trailer £7.50
76CS-15  76CS15 Dodge Mobile Dam3.JPG (396222 bytes) R
Dodge Mobile Dam unit NFS 76CS15 Dodge Mobile Dam4.JPG (288934 bytes) 76CS15 Dodge Mobile Dam5.JPG (410885 bytes) 76CS15 Dodge Mobile Dam6.JPG (243110 bytes)
76CS-16 76CS16 Fordson.JPG (344722 bytes) R  Fordson Wheeled Escape vehicle NFS £21.60
76CS-17 76CS17 Merryweather.JPG (183730 bytes) R Merryweather 50ft wheeled escape ladder NFS £9.90
76CS-16 and 76CS-17 bought together 76CS16 and 17.JPG (414212 bytes)



Civilian Kit Conversion Range 



KC-CS-01 KCCS01 scammell.jpg (42096 bytes) R Scammell Haulage Contractor's (or Showman's) Prime  Mover  Airfix £5.60
KC-CS-02 M Matador - upgrade and Post-War Flatbed Lorry Airfix £13.25
KC-CS-03 M Matador Logging Lorry Airfix £10.15
CS-N     Civilian N Gauge Range  
CS-N-01 CSN01 Scammell.JPG (32489 bytes) R Scammell Haulage Contractor's (or Showman's) Prime  Mover





Many of our vehicles in the military ranges

were also in civilian use - see here


AA72.17 - Bussing-NAG 500S Truck - 

in civilian use with Holzgaz conversion (76E.39)



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In the second column M = white metal; R = resin, P = plastic   While we try to get this list 100% accurate, please note that because of the way we manufacture our models, while the larger parts are nearly always in resin, some details are produced both in metal and resin. Some examples of kits marked “metal/resin” may therefore appear entirely in resin or metal. The decisions are made for reasons of production, and do not in any way affect the quality of the model you receive. We hope you enjoy our kits.