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Plastic Kits

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We usually hold a stock of the plastic kits for which we are producing conversions. 

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AIRFIX     Series 1      Series 2      Series 3



REVELL (ex-Matchbox)  smaller kits 


REVELL (ex-Matchbox)  larger kits



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PLASTIC KITS  current stock Click on hyperlinks for illustrations..

Please note: while we do our best to keep this website up to date, we cannot guarantee availability.


ACADEMY: £ 6.00 - Kubelwagen, Kettenkrad + Jeep;


£8.95 - WWII German Fuel Truck+Schwimwagen; US 2½  ton truck; Dodge Ambulance + Tractor; Opel Blitz truck; M35 truck; 


AIRFIX Series 1- £6.95: WW I Mk I Tank; StuG III; Lee/Grant; 25pdr + Quad; Bren Carrier + 6pdr; Sherman; Churchill Mk VII; T 34; Panther; Tiger; SdKfz 234/4 Armoured Car; Scorpion (out of stock); LCVP; Jeep+Trailer; GMC truck; Matador + 5.5in; 


Series 2 - £8.95 Cromwell IV; Scammell Tank Transporter; Buffalo; 88mm + tractor; 40mm Bofors + Tractor; Panzer IV; Centurion (out of stock); Chieftain (out of stock); Sheridan (out of stock); US ½ Track;  German Reconnaissance Set; Bristol Bloodhound; Opel Blitz + a/t gun, Matilda Hedgehog, Churchill Crocodile, Sherman Crab, Sherman Calliope; DUKW; Cromwell; WW I Mk I Female Tank;.  


Series 3 - £11.50: King Tiger; Bedford QLD (out of stock); RAF Refuelling Set; RAF Recovery Set; RAF Emergency Set; Airfield Control Tower; LCMIII +  Sherman;  Bedford QLs; RAF Vehicle set (Bedford MW, Tilly and BSA motorcycle)

Series 4: - £14.50: Churchill Bridgelayer

Series 5: - £20.50 WWII RAF Bomber Re-supply Set

Series 6: - £23.50 WWII USAAF Bomber Re-supply Set

Series 2 - £6.95:  StuG IIIG, Pz III; Tiger I; King Tiger Henschell; Jagdtiger and others


EMHAR: - £6.95 – Whippet others when available.


JB MODELS4.50: Vickers Light Tank Mk VI; Saladin Armoured Car; Saracen APC; Landrover 1 tonne GS(out of stock); 105mm Field Gun; Bedford MK Airfield Refueller (out of stock); Bedford MK GS truck (out of stock); Landrover Ambulance(out of stock); Landrover soft-top + trailer; Landrover hard-top + trailer; M113 ACAV; M113 Fire Support.


HASEGAWA21.50: Early 60cm Karl Mortar on Rail Carrier; Early 60cm Karl Mortar + Ammunition Carrier


£22.95 ; Leopold Rail Gun.54cm Karl Mortar + Ammunition Carrier; Later 60cm Karl Mortar on Rail Carrier


ITALERI - £8.95: Opel Blitz GS; Opel Blitz Ambulance.


REVELL 1/76 (ex-Matchbox): - £6.95: Sherman Firefly; T34/76; Chaffee; Wespe; Puma; Krupp Protz + 37mm AT Gun; M40 GMC;  Humber Armoured Car; Comet: Churchill AVRE Bridgelayer: Panzer IIF; M16 Half Track; Panzerjäger IV L70; Jagdpanther; SdKfz 251/1


£9.00  Monty's Caravan  

REVELL 1/72: £10.95- Leopard 1A5; M48A2/A3







Discount available on the Matchbox/Revell: Check current stock list for availability

Monty's Caravan/Leyland Retriever 

& Scout Car 



50p reduction if bought with a lorry body kit  - see LORRY  RANGES  cabs, chassis and bodies

Discount available on the Revell

Leopard 1A5


50p reduction if bought with a Pioneerpanzer 2 A1 Dachs (Badger) or Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard kit  - see  BAXMOD





MIRROR MODELS  MULTI-MEDIA KITS click on the box arts to read kit details

LZ35425 - £7 MM35101 - £27
LZ35431 - £36 MM35102 - £27
LZ35432 - £30 MM35103 - £29.50
MM35100 - £32 MM35104 - £36





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Please note: while we do our best to keep this website up to date, we cannot guarantee availability.