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Post-War British - British vehicles 1946-present day 




Post-War British


PWB-01 76B-02 Fox.jpg (45225 bytes)


Fox Armoured Car PWB01_1.JPG (121823 bytes) PWB01_rear.JPG (128743 bytes)



PWB02_Champ2.jpg (119715 bytes) R
Austin Champ PWB02_Champ_rear.jpg (120087 bytes)
PWB-03 PWB03 Lightweight 1.JPG (88729 bytes) R
Land Rover, Lightweight Series III, soft top PWB03 Lightweight 2.JPG (140379 bytes)  PWB03 Lightweight 3.JPG (178640 bytes)
PWB-04 M 25 Pdr Gun, post -War   
PWB-05 L1 BAT 2.jpg (46926 bytes) M L1 BAT (Battalion Anti-Tank) 120mm Recoilless Rifle £12.00
PWB-06 L1 Mobat 1.jpg (54423 bytes) M L4 Mobat 120mm Recoilless Rifle £10.50
PWB-07 wombat1.JPG (26906 bytes) M L6 Wombat L6 120mm Recoilless Rifle £10.50
PWB-08 JackalBW338SupacatJackal1WMIK - grey.jpg (14289 bytes) M Supacat Jackal 1 WMIK SRV  out of stock
PWB-09 JackalBW339SupacatJackal1Uparmoured -  grey.jpg (18479 bytes) M Supacat Jackal 1 Uparmoured SRV out of stock
PWB-10 M Supacat Jackal 2 SRV out of stock
PWB-11 R Ferret Scout Car Mk 1 FV701 / Mk 1/2 FV704  £14.75 
PWB-12 PWB-12 Ferret  2  22.JPG (142294 bytes) R Ferret Scout Car Mk 2 FV701E / Mk 2/2 FV701G  £14.75
PWB-13 PWB13 Ferret.jpg (82565 bytes) R Ferret Scout Car Mk 2/3 FV701H / Mk 2/6 FV703  £14,75
PWB-14 Scammell_explorer1.jpg (48186 bytes) R Scammell Explorer Recovery Vehicle £26.70
KCPB-01 Ballast Body for Scammell Explorer PWB-14 £3.90
PWB-15 StalwartS.jpg (29386 bytes) R
FV622 Alvis Stalwart Mk II FV622 with Atlas Crane PWB15 Stalwart details.jpg (91232 bytes) PWB15 Stalwart parts.jpg (65373 bytes)
PWB-16 R FV603 Alvis Saracen Mk III FV603 £16.50
PWB-17 PWB17 Saracen Amb 1.JPG (152579 bytes) R
FV604 / FV611 Alvis Saracen Armoured Command Vehicle or Ambulance  PWB17 Saracen Amb 2.JPG (153106 bytes)
PWB-18 PWB-18 Pig.jpg (43606 bytes) R Humber Pig includes parts for Northern Ireland up-armoured and turreted versions  £16.50
PWB-19 R

Thornycroft Antar Mk III Tank Transporter Tractor

images show PWB-19+ PWB 20

PWB-19 Antar8.JPG (70814 bytes) PWB-19 Antar5.JPG (83215 bytes)
PWB-20 R
 FV3011 50-ton Tank Transporter Semi-Trailer  (produced for the Thornycroft Antar by Taskers/Sankey) PWB-19 Antar7.JPG (73441 bytes) PWB-19 Antar6.JPG (76847 bytes)


R Ballast Body for Mighty Antar Mk III Tank Transporter   £3.90 
PWB-21 R Dyson 50 ton Trailer for the Thornycroft Antar £ 
PWB-22 PWB22 Chari 2.JPG (144871 bytes) R
FV4101 Charioteer PWB-22 Charioteer PLO 1976.jpg (64815 bytes)  PWB22 Chari 1.JPG (134854 bytes)
PWB-23 R Centurion Mk I £21.50 
PWB-24 PWB24 Cent Arv built.jpg (77500 bytes) R
Centurion Mk I ARV PWB24 Cent Arv details.jpg (88029 bytes) PWB24 Cent Arv box.jpg (103964 bytes)
PWB-25 R Centurion Mk III £21.50 
PWB-26 R Centurion MkV £21.50 
PWB-27 PWB-27 Caernarvon 2.JPG (88071 bytes) R
FV 221 Caernarvon PWB-27 Caernarvon.JPG (42527 bytes) 

Conqueror (above) 

and Caernarvon

PWB-28 PWB28 Conq 1.JPG (106004 bytes) R
FV 214 Conqueror       PWB28 Conq 2.JPG (95901 bytes)  PWB28 Conq 3.JPG (127772 bytes) 
PWB-29 PWB-29 Abbot.jpg (111957 bytes) R
FV 433 Abbot SPG  PWB29 Abbot 5.JPG (108848 bytes)  PWB29 Abbot 1.JPG (82656 bytes)  PWB29 Abbot 3.JPG (81716 bytes)  PWB29 Abbot 4.JPG (120460 bytes)
PWB-30 PWB30 Saxon.JPG (170258 bytes) R
Saxon APC   PWB30 Saxon 2.JPG (78342 bytes)  PWB30 Saxon 3.JPG (75852 bytes) PWB30 Saxon 1.JPG (82994 bytes)
PWB-31 PWB Austin K9 GS sb.jpg (62754 bytes)  R Austin K9 GS Wooden Body £16.95
PWB-32 PWB Austin K9 GS wb.JPG (44498 bytes)  R Austin K9 GS Steel Body £16.95
PWB-33 PWB Austin K9 Amb 2.jpg (46352 bytes)  R Austin K9 Ambulance £18.20
PWB-34 PWB Austin K9 Wireless.jpg (32454 bytes)  R Austin K9 Radio Body £18.20
PWB-35 PWB Austin K9 Water.jpg (44583 bytes)  R Austin K9 Water Tanker £17.50
PWB-36  R Austin K9 ACRT (Aircraft Crash Rescue Tender) £17.50
PWB-37 PWB-37 Chieftain - Berlin.jpg (77282 bytes)  R
Chieftain Mk VIII  PWB-37  Chieftain Berlin - 4.jpg (67882 bytes)
PWB-38 PWB-38 ChietainStillbrew (1).JPG (83289 bytes)  R
Chieftain TOGS + Stillbrew PWB-38 ChietainStillbrew (2).JPG (105872 bytes) PWB-38 ChietainStillbrew (3).JPG (81741 bytes) PWB-38 ChietainStillbrew (4).JPG (103222 bytes)
PWB-39 PWB FV 432 - 001.jpg (45936 bytes)  R
FV432 APC PWB39 432 2.JPG (165079 bytes)  PWB39 432 1.JPG (140134 bytes)
PWB-40 PWB40 1.JPG (110616 bytes)  R
FV432 with GPMG turret  PWB40 2.JPG (150648 bytes)  PWB40 3.JPG (146062 bytes)  PWB40 4.JPG (149611 bytes)

temporary box-art drawings are for guidance only and may not be 100% accurate


"Mighty Antar" and Tyson full trailer (PWB-49) hauling a Chieftain 900 (KCPB-10).The Antar's ballast body has been converted by the addition of a tarpaulin to cover living quarters for the crew - a common DIY conversion

New range conversion kits of British vehicles after 1945, see KCPB - British post 1945


The mighty Antar - a page listing post-War British tractor-trailer combinations




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