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76 B - British - page 2


76b21_mk1aa.JPG (58020 bytes)


Light Tank Mk I (Carden-Lloyd MK VIII) includes turrets for both standard and AA versions


76B-22 RM Sherman M4A2 D D (with screen down) £22.45
76B-23 76B23 Lt IA 2.JPG (201305 bytes) R
76B23 Lt IA.JPG (229884 bytes) 76B23 Lt IA 4.JPG (223013 bytes) 76B23 Lt IA 3.JPG (185159 bytes) 76B23 Lt IA 5.JPG (209376 bytes) 76B23 Lt IA 6.JPG (216316 bytes)
Light Tank Mk IA - includes turrets for standard and twin (AA) MG types, and diesel pattern - three versions
76B-24 76B24 Lt IA late.JPG (213462 bytes) R
76B24 Lt IA late 2.JPG (194845 bytes) IA

76B24 Lt IA late IP.JPG (201836 bytes)   IA India Pattern

76B24 Lt IA late IP2.JPG (190319 bytes)
Light Tank Mk IA - later suspension type, includes parts for IA and Indian Pattern - two versions
76B-25 76B25 MkII.JPG (211877 bytes) R
76B25 MkII 7.JPG (256069 bytes) 76B25 MkII(2).JPG (251276 bytes) 76B-25MkIIA.JPG (33969 bytes) 76B25 MkII(3).JPG (226629 bytes) 76B25 MkII LAD.JPG (217824 bytes)
Light Tank Mk II - includes parts for 5 versions: Mk II, Mk IIA, Mk IIB, India pattern, L.A.D. (recovery)


76B26_18PdrMartinParry.jpg (29256 bytes)


18Pdr and Limber (Martin Parry Conversion, inter-War) Martin Parry conversions were for mechanical transport 



76B27_4point5inMartinParry.jpg (39717 bytes)


4.5 inch Howitzer (Martin Parry Conversion, inter-War), with Trailer, Artillery No. 26 Mk I  Martin Parry conversions were for mechanical transport 


76B-28  76B28 MkIII.JPG (229065 bytes) R    
76B28 MkIII (2).JPG (244204 bytes) 76B28 MkIII (3).JPG (284396 bytes) 76B28 MkIII (4).JPG (273757 bytes)
Light Tank Mk III  - parts for early and late versions   
76B-29  76B29 MkIVa.JPG (260193 bytes) R
76B29 MkIVa (2).JPG (278081 bytes) 76B29 MkIV.JPG (228093 bytes) 76B29MkIV (2).JPG (236471 bytes)
Light Tank Mk IV / IVA (Indian) parts for both versions
76B-30 76B30 Mack.JPG (154335 bytes) R Mack EXBX Mk I 18ton Tank Transporter £21.40
76B-31 76B31 60pdr 1940.jpg (106744 bytes) R
60 Pdr Gun 1940 76B-31 60Pdr.JPG (110495 bytes) (Model and photo: Neil Craig)
76B-32 00_MAT_FIN1.jpg (104553 bytes) R Morris C8 2 Pdr Portee £17.30
76B-33 76B-33_three_inch.gif (114016 bytes) R 3 inch  20 cwt AA Gun 1940 on four wheel platform   £17.50
76B-34 76B34 Austin 8 Tourer.jpg (52153 bytes)


Austin 8 Tourer Staff Car   76B34.jpg (50438 bytes)
76B-35 76B35 Pheasant 1.JPG (72771 bytes) M
17 Pdr Pheasant  76B35 Pheasant 2.JPG (89758 bytes)
76B-36 76B36 Mack NR1 1.JPG (104216 bytes) R
Mack NR-1 10-ton 6x4 GS truck  76B36 Mack NR1 2.JPG (93522 bytes)
76B-37 76B37 Guy Quad Ant.jpg (137323 bytes) R Guy Quad Ant Gun Tractor £18.35
76B-38 IMG_0178.jpg (111450 bytes) R
Ford WOA1 staff car
76B-39 76B39 5.5 in how 1.JPG (73718 bytes) M
5.5 inch Gun Howitzer  76B39 5.5 in how 2.JPG (121853 bytes)
76B-40 RM Morris Commercial S. P.  A.A. (Bofors) £20.50


(this picture, 76B.33, and that of the Morris Portee 76B-32, by kind permission of modelstories.fr)




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In the second column M = white metal; R = resin, P = plastic   While we try to get this list 100% accurate, please note that because of the way we manufacture our models, while the larger parts are nearly always in resin, some details are produced both in metal and resin. Some examples of kits marked “metal/resin” may therefore appear entirely in resin or metal. The decisions are made for reasons of production, and do not in any way affect the quality of the model you receive. We hope you enjoy our kits.