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76 E-11

76E11_SkidTrailerforChurchillAVRE.jpg (22897 bytes) M

Skid Trailer for Churchill AVRE


76 E-12

76E12_AMRAonCovenanter.jpg (45150 bytes)


76E12_AMRAonMatilda.jpg (29711 bytes)

AMRA - Anti-Mine Roller Attachment - Mk 1 A/C/D

fits various British tanks, typically the Matilda II


76 E-13

76E13_British20kVAGenerator.jpg (39393 bytes)


20kVA Generator (British)


76 E-14

76E14_BullshornPlough.jpg (47582 bytes)


Bullshorn Mk III Mine Plough


76 E-15

76E15 LRDG.JPG (52308 bytes)


Long Range Desert Group Stowage and Weapons for the Matchbox L.R.D.G. set.


76 E-16


ARV I -  parts to build M3 Grant, M4 Sherman, Crusader and Cromwell Armoured Recovery Vehicle conversions 76E16 cromwell.JPG (79941 bytes)


76 E-18

76E18 Track unit for Bedford Bren.jpg (42344 bytes)


Track set for Bedford QL ½ Track prototype “Bedford-Bren”  


76 E-20

76E20 CarpetC.jpg (36408 bytes)


Carpet Layer (Type C) Mk II  for Churchill, 1944


76 E-21

Carpet Layer (Type D) Mk III for Churchill, 1944


76 E-22

76E22 NA stowage.JPG (58743 bytes)


North African Campaign British AFV Stowage (approx 25 parts: sufficient for 2-3 vehicles - Sherman barrel not included)


76 E-23

76E23 loads.JPG (42027 bytes)


Gutted Carrier: two Loads, as used by the 79th Armoured Division for the Airfix Bren Carrier. Straps not included.


76 E-24

76E24 Waders.jpg (32708 bytes)


Wading Trunking for Churchill, 1944


76 E-25

76E25 searchlight.JPG (9478 bytes)


British 90cm Searchlight


76E-26 M LRDG men relaxing: 7 figures + crew


76E-27 M German Staff Officer and Driver (two figures and briefcase)


76E-28 76E28 radio_sets.gif (258488 bytes) R Radio sets for British Command Vehicles (28 parts: transmitters, receivers, amplifier, tuner, battery boxes and aerial bases)


76E-29 M German and Italian Jerry Can Set – 15 cans, 3 types £4.35
76E-30 M Axis oil drums and accessories – pump, cans etc £4.35
76E-31 M Allied oil drums and Jerry Cans  £4.35
76E-32 76E-32 camera.jpg (56154 bytes) M German Cine-Camera with tripod and operator £2.00
76E-33 76E33 US gen and driver.jpg (51055 bytes) M US General and woman driver, saluting


76E-34 M British No.19 Radio sets (2 radios + battery boxes and aerial bases)  



Australian radios





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