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76C Canadian


76C-02 76C-02_Ford_C11D.gif (113151 bytes) M Ford C11AD Heavy Utility (Staff Car) £14.15
76C-03 76C03.jpg (111303 bytes) M Ford C11AD Field Marshall Alexander's Staff Car £14.25
76C-04 R
Ford 11AF Staff Car  
76C-05 R
Ram II / Ram Kangaroo can be completed as either version 
76Cz Czechoslovak
76Cz-01 76Cz01Tatra.jpg (51194 bytes)
Tatra 82 6-wheel Command Car 76Cz01Tatra 82.jpg (55354 bytes)
76Cz-02 76Cz02 Skoda 903.jpg (40873 bytes)
Skoda 903 6-wheel Command Car (produced for German forces)   76Cz02 Skoda_903.jpg (50380 bytes)

76 E



76 E-02

76E02_Sunshield.jpg (41937 bytes)


“Sun Shield” Desert Camouflage Shield, 1941-2 in two halves, to fit Airfix Crusader, Sherman, Grant etc.


76 E-03

76E03 Sherman Tulip.jpg (12783 bytes)


Sherman Tulip Typhoon-type 60lb. Rocket attachment as used by the 1st Coldstream Guards, Rhine 1945.


76 E-04

76E04_WWIIfascine.jpg (57099 bytes)


WW II Fascine + Cradle as used by the Churchill AVRE


76 E-06

76E06_AssaultBridgeTrailer.jpg (34171 bytes)


Trailer for Churchill AVRE S.B.G. Assault Bridge


76 E-07

76E07 Folding SBG Bridge.jpg (52697 bytes)


Churchill AVRE SBG Assault Bridge, Cable Frames for folding version


76 E-08

76E08_CarpetLayer.jpg (41035 bytes)


Carpet Layer attachment for Churchill


76 E-09

76E09_TwinBobbin.jpg (58221 bytes)


Twin Bobbin attachment for Churchill


76 E-10

76E10_Sherman with_Cullinand_Normandystowage.jpg (51501 bytes)


Normandy: Cullin Prongs and British Sherman Stowage





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