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GREAT WAR RANGES - Great War Artillery



Great War Artillery



British WW I Field Gun Crew + Shell Stacks


GWA-02 GWA02.jpg (4400 bytes)


18Pdr and Limber + Wheel 2nd Class C No. 45


GWA-03 GWA03.jpg (3419 bytes)


4.5 inch Howitzer + Wheel 2nd Class C No. 45


GWA-04 GWA04+5 60Pdrs.jpg (32551 bytes)


60Pdr BL Mk I Field Gun + choice of Wheel 1st Class B No. 12 or Modified B No. 12 Wheel




60Pdr BL Mk I Field Gun + Engine Wheels


GWA-06 GWA06 6inHowitzer.jpg (35966 bytes)


6 inch Howitzer + choice of Wheel 1st Class B No. 12 or Modified B No. 12 Wheel


GWA-07 GWA07 6inGunMkXIX.jpg (36443 bytes)


6in Gun Mk XIX / 8in Howitzer Mk VI + Engine Wheels       GWA07 8inHowitzerMkVI.jpg (39649 bytes)


GWA-08   M Cannone da 75/27m.06 (Italian)  £9.95
GWA-09   M 8 inch B.L. Mk I to Mk V Howitzer  £17.95
GWA-10 GWA10a.jpg (73324 bytes) M
Krupp 21 cm "Lange" Howitzer M1916 (German)       GWA10.jpg (78583 bytes)         GWA10b.jpg (69671 bytes)
GWA-11 GWA11 Fahrpanzer.JPG (136681 bytes) R 5.7cmL/25 Fahrpanzer in Cupola Mount (German) - now re-worked and all in resin £12.50
GWA-12 GWA12mortar.JPG (106932 bytes) M Small Trench Mortar (German) 2 in pack £1.00
GWA-13 GWA13 Minenwerfer.JPG (169692 bytes) M 25cm Minenwerfer (German)  £6.75
GWA-14 GWA14 77nA.JPG (174984 bytes) M
7.7cm FK96 n/A Field Gun (German) with shells     GWA14.jpg (48638 bytes)        GWA14b.jpg (45246 bytes)
GWA-15 GWA15_Obice.jpg (134756 bytes) M  Obice 149/12 Mod 14 Howitzer (Italian, WWI – in use to 1944) £10.50
GWA-16   M British Gun Crew: 5 figures + shells £5.00
GWA-17 GWA17.jpg (50688 bytes) M
15cm Lang sFH 13 Howitzer (German)       GWA17b.jpg (63181 bytes)
The Martin Parry conversions have been moved to 76B as they were Inter-War equipment  


GWA-17 GWA-10 GWA-14




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In the second column M = white metal; R = resin, P = plastic   While we try to get this list 100% accurate, please note that because of the way we manufacture our models, while the larger parts are nearly always in resin, some details are produced both in metal and resin. Some examples of kits marked “metal/resin” may therefore appear entirely in resin or metal. The decisions are made for reasons of production, and do not in any way affect the quality of the model you receive. We hope you enjoy our kits.