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LORRY RANGES - cabs, chassis and bodies 


Codes: Lorry Body - B - , Cab - C - and Chassis - British - B - Canadian - C - etc.


Lorry Bodies     See British 6x4 Lorries for extra information



LBB01 GS Body.JPG (220149 bytes)


G.S. Body for British 3 Ton 6x4   LBB01 GS Body rear.JPG (217167 bytes)  shown here on the Matchbox Monty's Caravan



LBB02 search Body f.JPG (27980 bytes)


Searchlight Body for British  6x4



LBB02S search Body.JPG (188198 bytes)


Searchlight Body for British  6x4 + 90cm Searchlight (LB-B02+76E-25)  

shown here on the Matchbox Monty's Caravan

LBB02S search Body rear.JPG (212020 bytes)


Lorry,  British-Body 01 etc: these all fit the Matchbox /  Revell  (Monty’s caravan) see SPECIAL OFFER


Some of these bodies could also be used on the Ford WOT 1 Cab and Chassis 6x4 - see AAC-08.


KCB31 Bison 6x4.JPG (51743 bytes)


Bison 6x4 concrete armoured lorry  (cab, flatbed and pillbox)

ex KCB-31


LB -B04

LBB04 Leyland Retr Phot Bod.jpg (139139 bytes)


Body (photography) for Leyland Retriever

ex KCB-32


LB -B05    

Wireless No. 3 body

LB -B06     Small Box Girder (SBG)  body   £9.45
LB -B07     Workshop No. 7 body   £10.75
LB -B08     Machinery No 4 body, with Type M (Motor maintenance) equipment   £15.35
LB -B09     TSB (Trestle and Sliding Bay) body    £12.50
LB -B10     Pontoon Body    £12.00
LB -B11     Breakdown Gantry Body    
LB -B12     Derrick Body    £12.90


LB-B05  - 12 are designed to fit the Revell Monty's Caravan kit or Matador LCB-01-5 below


LB-G01 M Opel Blitz Radio Body  - includes wheels Airfix £10.95
LB-G02 M Opel Blitz Workshop Body - includes wheels Airfix £10.95
LB-G03 M Opel Blitz Field Kitchen Body - includes wheels Airfix £13.95

Lorry Cab and Chassis

LC-B01   R

Thorneycroft Tartar WOF/AC4

LC-B02   R Guy FBAX   £
LC-B03 LC-B03 Albion front.jpg (110088 bytes) R
Albion BY3   LC-B03 Albion side.jpg (131111 bytes)   LC-B03 Albion top.jpg (402777 bytes)
LC-B04 LC-B04 Crossley.jpg (53638 bytes) R
Crossley IGL8   LC-B04 Cr side.jpg (296114 bytes)   LC-B04 Cr top.jpg (359507 bytes)
LC-B05 LC-B05 Karrier.jpg (38429 bytes) R
Karrier CK6     LC-B05 Karrier front.jpg (36375 bytes)   LC-B05 Karrier side.jpg (35775 bytes)
LC-C01   M Ford FC60L Canada 1942 Model Cab   £4.00
LC-C02   M Dodge T110L  Cab   £3.00



The bodies and Cab and chassis sets here may be compatible with those in the Airfield Conversion ranges 


Guy FABX 6x4 by Neil Craig:


cab - scratch built

chassis - Airfix Austin K6 chassis

Wireless No. 3 body - Matador LB-B05 

with additions  





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In the second column M = white metal; R = resin, P = plastic   While we try to get this list 100% accurate, please note that because of the way we manufacture our models, while the larger parts are nearly always in resin, some details are produced both in metal and resin. Some examples of kits marked “metal/resin” may therefore appear entirely in resin or metal. The decisions are made for reasons of production, and do not in any way affect the quality of the model you receive. We hope you enjoy our kits.