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First World War: tanks



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Little Willie - the first tank - Matador Models

 Little Willie, the first successful prototype tank. GWV-01. See here for more pictures, and full comments on building the kit 

WW1 Male tank  - Matador Models

Mk I Male, using GWE-03 tracks and  GWC-01 parts



Two Mk II Females.  The limitations of the Airfix track can be clearly seen on the lower vehicle

First World War Mk II Female tank with track spuds 

WW1 Mark II Female Tank


WW1 Wireless Tank

Wireless tank Mk I.  This was the prototype - the first use of radio in a tank. For a full history, see here.

WW1 Mk IV female  - Matador Models

Mk IV female with fascine


The fascine GWE-02 on a Mk IV female.  The fascine now comes hollow, but early castings were solid and heavy, and a counter-weight in the rear of the tank is needed.  Failing that, extreme measures... the casual soldier in fact has a metal spike through him into the front horn.





Mk IV Male,  GWC-04 Mk IV Male WWI tank  - Matador Models


Modelstories WW1 tadpole tail




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