Entrance Hall on to Warsaw Pact  back to North West Europe 1944-5


Tank Museum

NATO Forces


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Churchill AVRE VII  - Matador Models .

Churchill AVRE VII




M9 REME Half track  



M9 REME Half track  - Matador Models 



Fox - Matador Models

Fox.  76B-02


FV 432-30 Berlin Fox Turret  - Matador Models 

FV 432-30 Berlin (Matador Fox turret, here on a hull by Cromwell)



Saladin  - Matador Models

   Saladin,   KCB-33. 

 Saracen,   KCB-34

Saracen  - Matador Models

Saracen - Matador Models




Entrance Hall  on to Warsaw Pact back to North West Europe 1944-5