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North Africa



Light Mk V - Matador Models Light Mk V,  KCB-26.


4.5 inch Howitzer (Martin Parry Conversion, inter-War), 

with Trailer, Artillery No. 26 Mk I  76B-27 


Martin Parry conversions were for mechanical transport

4.5 inch Howitzer, Martin Parry Conversion  - Matador Models





Ford FC60L Canada 1942 - Matador Models Ford FC60L Canada 1942 AA76-01



Australian Artillery Tractor No 3,   1939 Ford 91T - Matador Models Australian Artillery Tractor No 3,   1939 Ford 91T


 Australian Artillery Tractor No 3A, 1940 Ford 01T - Matador Models 

Australian Artillery Tractor No 3A, 1940 Ford 01T + Winch, 76A-06

Note that the difference lies in the bonnets.  German-built Fords were very similar, with the major distinguishing feature being one-piece windscreens.


 M4A1 Sherman, El Alamein - Matador Models  M4A1 Sherman, El Alamein,  KCB-02.


 Grant, El Alamein - Matador Models  

Grant  El Alamein KCB-05 

M4 Sherman, El Alamein - Matador Models Grant, El Alamein - Matador Models

M4 Sherman and Grant, El Alamein

built using 76E-22 North African Campaign British AFV Stowage 

(approx 25 parts: sufficient for 2-3 vehicles - Sherman barrel not included)



Crusader I with Sunshade - Matador Models  

Crusader I Sunshade 76E-02




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