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Tower Bridge


A Class 30 Tower Bailey Bridge constructed by 30 Corps Engineers 

over the Mass-Vaal Canal at Hatert, Holland in 1944.

This shows an overall view of the tower resting on its pontoons. In the foreground is an elderly Airfix DUKW which has benefited from the Matador Models upgrade set. 

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1974 conversions of a Sherman Crab and an AEC Marshall with FBE rear body. A TSB and pontoon carrying back bodies are available in the Matador range for use with the company's 6X4 Lorries which would in reality carry the Bailey components used to construct Tower Bridge



A shot of the rear of the model.  Barry intended that the diorama should be viewed from all angles, the vehicle are not glued in position and can be moved around to taste.  All vehicles date from around 1974 and have only been cosmetically restored.  



An overall view of the diorama which is in 1/76 some four feet long.



An Airfix AEC Matador crosses Tower Bridge. This model dates from 1974 and reflects the belief held at the time that vehicles in NW Europe were painted Humbrol No 30 with no disruptive pattern. Of course if I was making the model today I would use the Matador Models Upgrade set. The 5.5 gun has its canvas cover in place primarily to hide the deficiencies of the Airfix kit!



model 1974 by Barry Sharman
photographs by   Robin Buckland

text  and 2011

 restoration by

Nigel Robins


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