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Guides to colour schemes by Mike Starmer mikestarmer18@gmail.com 


'The Caunter Scheme 1940-41'   desert colours in Egypt.  

'Alamein and After 1942 -43'   desert colours for the end on the desert war, and 

'Sicily and Italy 143-45'   colours for the later campaign in the Middle East until the end of the war.

and now

'British Army Colours & Disruptive Camouflage in the UK, France and NW Europe 1936-45' 




This is a series of books that are real boon for the modeller. The text of each gives precise details of the schemes and the orders for their application.  It is kept brief and clear, with some very helpful notes and comments.  But these are not just for experts: far from it, Mike has made the material equally useful for, and easy to use by, beginners too.  It is all there for you: 


First - colours

Two colour chips from 'The Caunter Scheme`.


Mike includes matched colour chips and mixes for the schemes.  As he says, once you have the accurate colours to check against, how you mix them is up to you.

Second - patterns and schemes

There are no pictures in these books.  It is better than that.  You get line drawings which save you the difficulty of working out how to transpose from photographs to a model.  The hard work is done for you.  


Example of a drawing from 'The Caunter Scheme`.


Third - a concise and carefully researched text

If you have older books on camouflage you will value the updates in the light of recent research.  There will be few modellers who do not find something new and challenging here. 


We do not stock this excellent series, which you can obtain directly from the author.  



The price is £15.00 each. Postage and packing costs depend on size of order and customer location.  A total price can be quoted by enquiries to mikestarmer18@gmail .com



For further details, contact  mikestarmer18@gmail.com 




TRANSFERS: 1/76th scale British & American recognition markings, Middle East, 1941-43.


This set contains the R.A.C. white/red/white and red/white/red recognition markings in a variety of sizes to suit 1/76th scale armour.  With a selection of proportions the modeller should find markings for all types of British AFV.

The bottom third of the sheet has the American flag as used on U.S. Army vehicles during and after Operation Torch in North Africa.  The smallest ones might even be useful for 1/35th scale figures.

As usual with Mike Starmerís productions a sheet of history and modelling suggestions and references.


1/76th scale British WW2 WD Numbers, British Vehicles

1/76th scale British WW2 WD Numbers, Soft Skinned Vehicles

1/76th scale British WW2 WD Numbers, American Tanks and other vehicles

1/76th scale British WW2 WD Numbers, British Tanks and Armoured Carriers


Each of these sheets contain a bewildering array of WD numbers in white suitable for a wide variety of vehicles.  Mike has taken the mystery and drudgery out of researching and assembling the correct figures for particular vehicles and these are identified by vehicle type on the decal sheet.  These are water slide type transfers, and will suit any relevant model.


Four new decal sheets have recently been released:-


No.26; British Army HQ, Corps and Home Command Signs for UK, Middle East and NWE.

No.27; British Infantry Divisions stationed in UK, Middle East, NWE and Far East.

No.28; British Armoured Division and Brigade signs stationed in UK, Middle East and NWE.

No.29; British Commonwealth and Allied formation signs for units that fought under British command in UK, Middle East and NWE.

This range of decals is growing.  Two examples are shown below.  We consider the quality to be excellent and we do encourage you to find out more. For prices,  and to find out how to buy, contact  mikestarmer18@gmail.com  

Mike Starmer, 18 Hillside Road , Piddington, Northants , NN7 2DB  





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