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Civilian Vehicles


Vehicles in other ranges suitable for "Civvy Street"
This is just a selection - others could easily be converted if desired.

Prices are on the main lists



Great War Vehicles


GWV02 Fowler Steam Engine.jpg (45485 bytes) Fowler Steam Traction Engine with Crane,  WW I 


GWV05 AEC YType.jpg (40595 bytes) AEC ‘Y’ Type  3 Ton Cargo truck


GWV07 Mack Bulldog GS.jpg (39198 bytes) Mack AC Bulldog swb, G.S. Body GWV-09 GWV09 Mod t truck.jpg (53320 bytes) Ford Model “T” Truck

IMG_0165.jpg (128138 bytes)

Holt 15 ton tractor with winch, 1917


7676777 76th Scale Ranges


76A04 Ford-Gaz AA 4x2 GS.jpg (28512 bytes) Ford/GAZ AA 4 x 2 GS


76B-19 Fordson 7V Low Loader.jpg (40536 bytes)

Fordson 7V Tractor and Low Loader


76B20_Fordson7VTipper.jpg (36635 bytes) Fordson 7V with Tipper Body 76B-38 76B38 Ford WOA1 red.jpg (53191 bytes)
76B38 WOA1 red.jpg (48770 bytes) Ford W8A1 Staff Car
76C-02 76C-02_Ford_C11D.gif (113151 bytes)

Ford C11AD Heavy Utility (Staff Car)

a few were sold off post-war.

76B-34 76B34 Austin8 civ.jpg (50496 bytes) Austin 8 Tourer
76E-39 76E39-01.JPG (841168 bytes)
76E39-02.JPG (712007 bytes)

Imbert generator parts. 

Many civilian vehicles in occupied Europe were individually converted. The kit converts up to 6 vehicles to woodburning.  This is for early vehicles, many of which were "one-off"s.  These conversions are taken from photographs.

76F-01 MATA_SimcaS5_FIN02.jpg (38499 bytes)
MATA_SimcaS5_FIN04.jpg (41488 bytes) Simca Cinq / Fiat 500 Car



76F-02 76F02 civ.jpg (51613 bytes) Simca Cinq Van 76G-11

76G11 Merc 320 Cabriolet.jpg (67299 bytes)

76G11 Merc 320 Cab.jpg (63592 bytes) Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet Staff Car 
76It-10  76It10 Fiat.jpg (55836 bytes) Siata-Fiat 500 Special Convertible Car  76It-11

76It11 Fiat 4 seater civ.jpg (58604 bytes)

Fiat 500 Four Seater Car
AA Airfield Accessories


AA76-07 Fordson 1931 20hp Tractor.jpg (12999 bytes)

1931 20hp. Fordson Tractor 

(with choice of pneumatic or metal wheels)


AA76-10_coles_crane.gif (163258 bytes)

Coles EMA PE Crane
All items in the engineering range were used both by military or civilian owners
Eng-01 RB trailer.JPG (392435 bytes)    Eng03.jpg (57204 bytes)    Eng03 o2.jpg (69994 bytes)
Eng-01 Eng-03



KC Kit Conversion Ranges
KCB-53 KCB53a.jpg (66950 bytes)

Scammell R100/2 20 Ton 6x4 Tractor    Airfix


KCB-53 Scammell R100/2 20 Ton 6x4 Tractor comes with a cab nameplate and light for civilian use.


This page has the most obvious and common examples only, needing no conversion.  If you look though the ranges there are many cars and lorries for which it is possible to find civilian examples, or which need a little work to turn them into civilian vehicles.




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