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A fantasy range of creatures and monsters for role-play gamers and wargamers.

They are aimed to fit with 28mm-30mm figures, but to help you sizes are given.


Code   Name   Price
A1 Ana A1 Tiger.JPG (30157 bytes)

Tiger Shark

length of model 2.3 in / 59mm

R 1.50
A2 Ana A2 Gt Wt.JPG (37362 bytes)

Great White Shark

length of model 3.3 in / 83mm

R 1.95
A3 Ana A3 Thresh1.JPG (34128 bytes)

Thresher Shark

length of model 2.9 in / 74mm

R 1.50
A4 Ana A4 Octopus.JPG (45489 bytes) A4_octopus.gif (163266 bytes)


max width of model 2.4 in / 61mm

R 1.95


length   2 in /  52mm

M 0.50



anaconda models are suitable for use with MATADOR RESIN BASES

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