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The Scammell Tank Transporter By Nigel Robins 


What do you get?

The kit is of the Scammell Pioneer tractor and the thirty-ton semi trailer, a long serving, reliable and powerful vehicle (for its day).  The tractor soldiered on for many years in the service of hauliers needing a vehicle with cross country ability.


What is it like to build?

This is a slightly difficult kit to assemble, the trailer in particular, it is easy to get confused with the wheel halves and sizes and put the wrong ones on the tractor. The loading ramps need care to get right and care is also needed to get all the trailer wheels to sit on the ground at the same time.  Airfix have enabled the modeller to reproduce the travel of the suspension on the original.  This can be really dramatic, and makes for great possibilities.  The kit has a “fine” feel to it and as such deserves and rewards real care in assembly. 

171-2 Scammell.JPG (71230 bytes)

The Airfix Scammell Transporter built from the box, with only trailer  ramp supports added


Corrections and improvements

The rivets on the cab are overdone and are best removed and the front mudguards sit too proud of the wheels.  The trailer could do with super detailing in places, notably the addition of cable supports for the rear ramps,  and some parts such as the headlights could be refined.  However, the kit really does capture the look of the prototype. As usual the transfers are awful and are best replaced with some thing better and the suggested colour scheme overall M3 green is inappropriate for most theatres.



A great kit requiring a lot of care in assembly and a little super detailing which has conversion potential, for instance the R100 gun tractor and the heavy breakdown version.

This is a golden oldie dating from 1962 and it makes you wonder how modern kit manufacturers can make a mess of new releases when Airfix could produce a gem like this all those years ago.  This is not a kit for a complete beginner, but still measures up to anything on the market.  We think Airfix are to be congratulated on choosing a great subject and making a great job of it.


Conversion and Upgrade Kits

There is no need for an upgrade kit of this vehicle: Airfix did the work. There are conversions on the market to the Pioneer Gun Tractor, and Matador produces two conversions.  The 20-ton trailer, KCB-04 (below), was the earlier and cruder version and a post-war Haulage Contractor's (or showman's) Prime Mover, KC-CS-01.






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