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75mm Assault Gun    88mm Gun and Tractor Bren Gun Carrier
Churchill Mk VII German Armoured Car    Half Track M3
Lee/Grant Tank Panther and Tiger Panzer IV Tank
Sherman Mk I World War I Tank Mk I Bofors Gun & Tractor
T-34 Matador and 5.5 Gun Scammell Tank Transporter
Stalin     Chieftain Tank    25 Pdr and Quad   
The Crusader tank    The new Bedford QL, and some comparisons with the old 

When Matador started our first kits were conversion and detail sets based on the Airfix range.  Talking to modellers at shows we encountered some prejudice against the company, which we consider unfair.  It is true that some kits which scale out at 1/76th were labelled HO/OO and are now sold as 1/72nd.  We make no comment on scale: a conversion kit has to match the donor kit.  Airfix's website is instructive: it is clearly aimed at the young market.  

However, some of these kits, though old, deserve much more respect than they are sometimes given.  We do wonder whether there is a reaction against those kits that many modellers cut their teeth on and found difficult? Is it that the names given to the kits, aimed to be accessible, irritate the expert?  Anyway, what will follow is a growing series of tips.  They may be aimed primarily at newcomers, but we hope experienced modellers will not disagree, and will be interested.  


AIRFIX  kits for sale from Matador

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