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AEC Y Type  3 Ton Cargo truck -  Matador Models   AEC Y Type  3 Ton Cargo truck GWV-05


Rolls Royce Tender - Matador Models

Rolls-Royce Tender, GWV-04


Pierce-Arrow and 2 Pdr Pom-Pom - Matador Models 

Pierce-Arrow and 2 Pdr Pom-Pom GWV-03


Fowler Engine - Matador Models  Fowler Engine, GWV-02

These, of course, could be seen on the home front and in civilian use for many years to come



 the Ford Model "T" GS truck - Matador Models 

 the Ford Model "T"   Machine Gun Carrier - Matador Models  the Ford Model "T"  Ambulance  - Matador Models


the Ford Model "T" GS truck, Machine Gun Carrier and Ambulance GWV-09, 10 and11


the Ford Model "T" GS truckcomes with typical tools  - Matador Models 




Mack AC Bulldog with engineer body

The Mack AC Bulldog, engineer and tank transporter versions   GWV-06 and 8

Mack AC Bulldog tank transporter - Matador Models



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1021 Ford T truck  76B-16.jpg (53320 bytes) 0791 8in BL Mk 6 Howitzer GW-14.jpg (32075 bytes)





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