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First World War: artillery



Tanks - Vehicles - Artillery


6in Gun Mk XIX - Matador Models

6in Gun Mk XIX,  GWA-07



18Pdr and Limber - Matador Models 18Pdr and Limber, GWA-02



60Pdr BL Mk I Field Gun with Wheel 1st Class B No. 12 - Matador Models GWA-04

60Pdr BL Mk I Field Gun with Modified B No. 12 Wheel - Matador Models GWA-05

60Pdr BL Mk I Field Gun 

+ choice of Wheel 1st Class B No. 12 (above) 

or Modified B No. 12 Wheel



4.5 inch Howitzer - Matador Models


4.5 inch Howitzer, GWA-03


8in Howitzer Mk VI - Matador Models

8in Howitzer Mk VI, GWA-07


6 inch Howitzer - Matador Models

6 inch Howitzer,  GWA-06




5.7cmL/25 Fahrpanzer in Cupola Mount  - Matador Models 

5.7cmL/25 Fahrpanzer showing rails - Matador Models

GWA-11 - 5.7cmL/25 Fahrpanzer in Cupola Mount  (German)

Model by Mike Cooper, photos by Nigel Rayner.  Figure from IT Figures aircrew range.  Colours based on a preserved example in Brussels.  The kit base has been replaced with a scratch-built emplacement.




Krupp 21 cm "Lange" Howitzer M1916 - Matador Models


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