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the new GW Range

old and new codes


For customers familiar with the old GW range this is a full list of the code changes.  This page is correct as at 1st August, 2005.   NOTE NEW KITS HAVE BEEN ADDED.  THIS IS NOT THE FULL GW RANGE.  TO SEE THAT GO TO THE Great War Range.

new code  old code kit      parent
GWA - Great War Artillery
GWA-01 GW-06 British WW I Field Gun Crew + Shell Stacks  
GWA-02 GW-07 18Pdr and Limber + Wheel 2nd Class C No. 45  
GWA-03 GW-09 4.5 inch Howitzer + Wheel 2nd Class C No. 45  
GWA-04 GW-11 60Pdr BL Mk I Field Gun + choice of Wheel 1st Class B No. 12 or Modified B No. 12 Wheel  
GWA-05 GW-12 60Pdr BL Mk I Field Gun + Engine Wheels  
GWA-06 GW-13

6 inch Howitzer + choice of Wheel 1st Class B No. 12 or Modified B No. 12 Wheel

GWA-07 GW-14  6in Gun Mk XIX / 8in Howitzer Mk VI + Engine Wheels  
GWC - Great War Conversions
GWC-01 KCB-01 WW I Mk I Female, 1916-17 Airfix 
GWC-02 KCB-15

WW I Mk II Female, 1916-17, with track with grousers, and torpedo spuds

GWC-03 KCB-09 WW I Mk IV Male Airfix 
GWC-04 KCB-16  WW I Mk IV Female  Airfix 
GWC-05 KCB-23 WW I Mk I Wireless Tank  Airfix 
GWC-06 (NEW) Detail and Equipment Set for Whippet Emhar
GWC-07   Tadpole Tails for WW I Mk IV Emhar
GWC-08 76E-17 Sponson set for WW I Mk IV Male Emhar
GWC-09 (nya) Detail and Equipment set for Mk IV Emhar
GWC-8/9 (nya) Full upgrade set for Mk IV Emhar
GWE - Great War Extras
GWE-01 GWE-01 Spoked Wheels (pair)  
GWE-02 76E-01 WW I Fascine  
GWE-03 76E-05 WW I Tank Track, Mks I-IV   
GWE-04 76E-19 WW I Spudded Tank Track, Mks II-IV  
GWE-05 (nya) Crib - as carried on British Mk IV and Mk V tanks in 1918  
GWE-06 (NEW) Torpedo Spuds  
GWH - GW Horse-Drawn equipment
GWH-01 GW-01 British Horse-Drawn Cable Cart Mk I  
GWH-02 GW-02 British Horse-Drawn Water Tank  
GWH-03 GW-03 British Horse-Drawn Field Kitchen  
GWH-04 GW-04 British Six Horse Gun Team + Riders, Walking  
GWH-05 GW-05 British Six Horse Gun Team + Riders, Galloping  
GWV - Great War Vehicles
GWV-01 76B-01 Little Willie, the first tank 1915  
GWV-02 76B-04 Fowler Steam Traction Engine with Crane,  WW I  
GWV-03 76B-07 Pierce-Arrow Armoured Lorry + 2 Pdr Pom-Pom  
GWV-04 76B-12 1914-18 Rolls-Royce Tender  
GWV-05 76B-14 AEC 'Y' Type  3 Ton Cargo truck (WW I)  
GWV-06 76A-06 Mack AC Bulldog swb, US Engineer Body   
GWV-07 76A-07 Mack AC Bulldog swb, G.S. Body  
GWV-08 76A-08 Mack AC Bulldog 5 ton Tank Transporter Body  
GWV-09 76B-16 Ford Model "T" Truck  (WWI)  
GWV-10 76B-17 Ford Model "T" Machine Gun Carrier   
GWV-11 76B-18 Ford Model "T" Ambulance  
GWV-12 (nya) Ford Model "T" Russian Pattern Armoured Car   
And the following have been moved away from the GW range
76B-26 GW-08 18 Pdr and Limber (Martin Parry Conversion, inter-War)  
76B-27 GW-10 4.5 inch Howitzer (Martin Parry Conversion, inter-War)  


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