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  note that many vehicles listed as military were also in civilian use


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 NEW for On Track, 2020

PWB-61 Thorneycroft Antar Mk 2 / 1B
PWBE-13 Ballast body ( for PWB-61 Thorneycroft Antar Mk 2 / 1B, makes a Mk 1B
PWBE-14 Tucker jib (for PWB-61 Thorneycroft Antar Mk 2 / 1B, converts a Mk 2 to a recovery vehicle)
ENG-15  Vickers Vigor (tank-based dozer)
ENG-16  Caterpillar D7 angle dozer
ENG-17  Huber 10 ton road roller
NEW November 2019
 We hope to have several new additions to 76B and 76G ranges for the IPMS Nationals at Telford
NEW June 2019
PWB-53  AEC Militant Mk III 10 ton GS lorry
NEW FOR THE IPMS NATIONALS, Telford  November  2018
76B-46  Thornycroft Nubian TF/AC4/1 3 ton 4x4 GS Lorry 
PWB-48  Ferret Mk IV/Mk V "Big Wheel Ferret" 
PWB-49  Dyson 50 ton Tank Transporter Trailer
PWB-50  Dyson 50 ton Plant Trailer (RAF)
PWB-46 SAS Landrover II A "Pink Panther"
PWR-09 SA-8 Gecko SAM system
PWS-02 Bandkanon 1 SPG (Swedish)
PWSA-01 G6 Rhino SPG
PWBE-12 First Gulf War Ferret Stowage set
76G-39  Lange 21cm Morser (WW2)
ENG-13 Lister 20KVA Generator trailer (remastered, now in resin)
76CS-15  Dodge Mobile Dam unit NFS
76CS-16 Fordson Wheeled Escape vehicle NFS
76CS-17 Merryweather 50ft wheeled escape ladder NFS
GWE-10 WW I Wide Tank Track, Mks IV V - fits Airfix Mk I and Emhar Mk IV
ENG13 Lister 1.JPG (367065 bytes) PWR-09 SA-8 Gecko.JPG (392526 bytes)
NEW FOR THE IPMS NATIONALS, Telford  November  2017
PWB-44 Scammell Commander Tank Transporter  
PWB-47 AS-90 SPG  
76A-10 105mm Howitzer M2A1 (with choice of wheels)  
76E-41 WWII British seated infantry (8 figures + 4 ammunition boxes)  
and more, including....
Cromwell models in stock for shows
NEW FOR 25th February 2017
PWB-45 Chieftain ARV  
PWC-01  Type 69 MBT 
PWR-01  ZSU-23-4 (Shilka) Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (SPAAG)
PWR-02  T-54 MBT 
PWR-03  T-55 MBT 
PWR-04  Enigma: T55 MBT, Iraqi up-armoured
PWR-07  Zil-157 G.S. truck

Modern Ranges 2017

Following our rationalisation of KCB and 76B we are going to reorganise all  ranges, complete vehicles and Kit Conversions.  When we do this GW will refer to vehicles and equipment up to 1918 76 and the current KC ranges to the period 1919-1945, with PW denoting Post War vehicles and equipment.

For ease of seaching we will keep the PWB together and then all the others in alphabetical order by country.  In the foreseeable future this will reflect the fact that about half our planned releases are British, so will, we hope, be the easiest for you to search.

This has only required us to change the codes for exiting modern vehicles in the KC ranges.  These will be double-entered in the catalogue for a while.

The changes will take place during 2017.

There are also more Modern Extras - PWxE range.

Modern British vehicle conversions KCPB

With the ever-increasing size of the of the KCB, Kit Conversions British, range and the launch and growth of the PWB  Post-War British range we have decided to start a new range, KCPB  and move into it all our modern British conversions,  leaving British wartime and inter-war vehicles in KCB.  This has only required us to change the codes for exiting modern vehicles in the KCB range.  These will be double-entered in the catalogue for a while. 

There are also some Modern British Extras - PWBE range


NEW FOR THE IPMS NATIONALS, Telford 12th-13th November  2016

FV432/30 and early Chieftain in Berlin Camouflage.  

AFV crew, including the visiting soviet tanker, by Matador.


PWB-30 Saxon APC
PWB-31 Austin K9 GS Wooden Body
PWB-32 Austin K9 GS Steel Body
PWB-33 Austin K9 Ambulance
PWB-34 Austin K9 Radio Body
PWB-35 Austin K9 Water Tanker
PWB-36 Austin K9 ACRT (Aircraft Crash Rescue Tender)
PWB-37 Chieftain Mk VIII
PWB-38 Chieftain TOGS + Stillbrew
PWB-39 FV432 APC
PWB-40 FV432 with GPMG turret
PWB-41 FV432-30 (with Fox Turret) 
PWB-42 FV434 REME fitters' vehicle

note the New Venue:
The Burgess Hall, Westwood Rd, Saint Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 6WU.

PWB-19 Antar8.JPG (70814 bytes) PWB-19 Antar5.JPG (83215 bytes) PWB-27 Caernarvon 2.JPG (88071 bytes)

Thornycroft Antar Mk III Tank Transporter Tractor
Ballast Body for Mighty Antar Mk III Tank Transporter  Full Tractor
Full Trailer
FV4101 Charioteer
Centurion Mk I
Centurion Mk I ARV
Centurion Mk III
Centurion MkV
FV 221 Caernarvon
FV 214 Conqueror
FV 433 Abbot SPG
Saxon APC

NEW FOR ON TRACK 27th February 2016
PWB-14 Scammell Explorer Recovery Vehicle £26.70
Ballast Body for Scammell Explorer PWB-14 £3.90
We are negotiating the purchase of some of CROMWELL MODELS 1/76th scale masters.  While none of these are ready for re-release yet, we shall be bringing some stock of Cromwell kits in both 1/76th and 1/72nd to the show. 


76B-43 Mack NR-4 Tank Transporter £19.80
76B-42 Mack NR-8 10-ton 6x4 GS truck £19.80
PWB-15 Alvis Stalwart II FV622 with Atlas crane £17.40
PWB-16 Alvis Saracen Mk III FV603  £16.50
PWB-17 Alvis Saracen ACV FV604 / Ambulance FV611 £16.50


The new Macks and a Ferret.  The eagle-eyed will note the Miliput under the Mack axles.  NOT necessary normally, but the life of a display kit can be hard!


PWB01_1.JPG (121823 bytes)

Re-released in resin, re-worked masters
 GWA-11  5.7cm L/25 Fahrpanzer in Cupola mount (German)   £12.50
 PWB-11  Ferret Scout Car Mk 1 FV701 / Mk 1/2 FV704  £14.75
 PWB-12  Ferret Scout Car Mk 2 FV701E / Mk 2/2 FV701G  £14.75
 PWB-13  Ferret Scout Car Mk 2/3 FV701H / Mk 2/6 FV703 £14.75
76CS-06   1932 Morris Commercial 6x4 DLS Fire Engine   £16.80
29 September - castings of the re-mastered Ferrets and two new Mack kits have arrived!  See them at Telford, and, we hope, pictures here soon.

MAFVA Nationals has moved  - we shall be there - see link and address on the "meet the company" page

the date and place for the 2016 show are confirmed:

Saturday 27th February 2016, the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone


Matilda 76.2mm   Russian 76.2 mm gun and mantlet to fit to Matilda II  - upgunning project

KCR05 RedMat2.JPG (156268 bytes)

NEWS January 2015

Post-War British Range.  
A reminder that there is an excellent series of books by Mike Starmer on British vehicle camouflage in the Second World War.  
DC37.jpg (52167 bytes)


17 Pdr Pheasant



Mack NR-1 10-ton 6x4 GS truck



5.5 inch Gun Howitzer



Austin Champ utility



Landrover, Lightweight Series III, soft top



25 Pdr Gun, post -War


L1 BAT (Battalion Anti-Tank) 120mm Recoilless Rifle



L4 Mobat 120mm Recoilless Rifle



L6 Wombat L6 120mm Recoilless Rifle



Supacat Jackal 1 WMIK SRV



Supacat Jackal 1 Uparmoured SRV



Supacat Jackal 2 SRV



Ferret Scout Car Mk 1 FV701 / Mk 1/2 FV704 


Ferret Scout Car Mk 2 FV701E / Mk 2/2 FV701G 


Ferret Scout Car Mk 2/3 FV701H / Mk 2/6 FV703 

ENG- 12

Cranes 7½ ton Light Recovery Trailer


ENG- 13

Lister 20KvA Trailer Mounted Generator


ENG- 14

Eager Beaver Fork Lift



Eagle Bomb Trailer



Eagle Hydrogen Cylinder Trailer



RAF 15-ton Nose Salvage Trolley



Worthington Simpson ARP 120 Trailer Pump



Coventry Climax FF Trailer Pump



Beresford Stork Light Trailer Pump



Coventry Climax FSM Trailer Pump



Dennis TRL Fire Pump Trailer



September 2014
Reality in Scale

We are now stocking a range of miniature architecture, diorama accessories and modeling extras such as Nature-in-a-Box and Mud- and Snow-in-a-pot.

012_RIS_.jpg (130186 bytes) More pictures to follow

August 2014


We have bought some of the masters from the BW range which we shall either be maintaining in production or re-mastering for resin or resin/metal - hoping to have the first releases by Telford. We have also bought most of BW's excellent military transfers which we shall have on sale as soon as possible - see the transfers page for details.

Modern British vehicles

As most of BW's range is Post-War British we have decided to start a new range, calling the new range PWB and leaving British wartime and inter-war vehicles in 76B.  This has only required us to change the code for the Fox armoured car, up to now our only Post-War British vehicle.  We feel it is a worthy PWB-01! 

April 2014  - New Releases: 
KCA-12 M551 Sheridan - Vietnam stowage £ 
October 2013  - New Releases: 
76B-41 Praying Mantis £14.50
76E-39 Imbert Generator parts set £12.00
KCG-29 Imbert Generator conversion for Kübelwagen £5.00
KCB-46  Chieftain Marks III to XI – includes TOGS + Stillbrew 
Improved master; now also includes metal gun barrel  £14.25

December 2012  - New Releases: 

76F-03  Matford F817T 1.5 ton GS truck  £17.50
76CS-09  Bedford OS Breakdown lorry  £17.50
KCB-61  Scorpion/ Scimitar upgrade  £7.50
KCB-62  Chieftain 900  £12.50
KCC-03  Canadian Fox armoured car  £6.00
KCM-10  AEC Matador wheels x 4 (suitable for Oxford upgrade)  £2.10
ENG-08  Small Box Girder Bridge extension set  £5.40
December 2012  - Re-released: 
76B-33  3 inch 20 cwt AA Gun 1940, on 4 wheel platform  £17.50
AA72-02  Luftwaffe fuel trailer  £15.60
AA72-07  Hanomag RL20 light tractor  £13.50
AA72-08  Hanomag SS100 heavy tractor  £19.95
AA72-15 Hanomag R40 tractor  £16.20
We have a selection of the excellent Mirror Models kits

new for IPMS Nationals, Telford

KCC-03 Canadian Fox Armoured Car Converts the Matchbox/Revell Humber
KCM-10 AEC Matador Wheels x 4 for Oxford etc.
KCB-61 Scorpion/Scimitar upgrade Contains parts to build a variety of later versions
KCB-62 Chieftain 900 prototype of the improved Chieftain,  overtaken by the Challenger   See History

KCB61 Scorpion 3.JPG (63390 bytes) KCB-61

UK Postal charges

We regret that, due to substantial increases in Royal Mail’s postal charges, particularly for small packets, for orders received after 30 April 2012, our postal charges will now be as follows:

UK: 10% (minimum £4.00) to maximum £8; orders over £100 remain post-free.

Europe: 15% (minimum £5.00) to maximum £12.

Rest of World: 20% (minimum £6.00) to maximum £16.


KCB-60S Stores body for Austin K6 (KCB-60 + 76E-37) - review
New Releases for On Track 2012 

76B-40 Morris Commercial S.P. A.A.  (Bofors)


76E-38 German Pioneer Rubber Dinghy


76G-33 Kaeble Heavy Tractor


76G-35 Gotha 80-Tonne Trailer


76G-33 +76G-35 £38.00
76G-36 Bedford Umbauwagen


76G-38 Austro-Daimler ADTK L101


144V-10 Bedford OYD 3 Ton GS (CMP steel body)


144V-11 Austin K3 3 Ton 4x2 GS (steel body)


144V-12 Austin K6 Balloon Winch


144V-13 Commer Q2 2 Ton GS  (wooden body)


144V-14  Dodge Kew 3 Ton GS (wooden body)


Eng-06 Trestle and Sliding Bay (to link bridges to shore)


Eng-07 Small Box Girder Bridge 


We are very grateful to Neil Craig for sending us pictures of his model of the Scammell Pioneer, KCB-55, towing the 60 Pdr 1940, 76B-31.  Sometimes other modellers have more time to devote to building our models well than we do - we are always happy to showcase their work.


New Releases November 2011 
76E-37 Stores fittings for British 6x4 GS Truck (see KCB-60) £9.50
76J-09 Kurogane Motortricycles (cargo + passenger versions)


KCA-11/ Chaffee: detail for US M24/ conversion one kit builds either



Norwegian NM116                (on Revell)
KCB-58 Cromwell MkVI with CS 95mm Howitzer (on Airfix) £3.60
KCB-59 Malaya Dingos- builds 5 variants £9.95
KCB-60 GS body for Austin K6 £10.95
KCB-60S Stores body for Austin K6 (KCB-60 + 76E-37) £17.95
144V-07 Austin K6 GS £6.00
144V-08 Austin K6 Bomb Flat £6.00
144V-09 RAF Bomb Trolley Type C £3.60
Airfix  Cromwell MkIV £6.95
76E16 cromwell.JPG (79941 bytes) 76E-16 - ARV I on the Airfix Cromwell
AA72-20  Opel Blitz Fire Truck £19.90


New Releases April 2011
AA72-28 RAF Bomb Trolley Type B £3.60
AA72-29 RAF Bomb Trolley Type C Mark II (also USAAF) £3.60
AA72-30 RAF Bomb Trolley Type C Mark III £3.60
AA72-31 RAF Bomb Trolley Type C Mark IV £3.60
Four RAF Bomb Trolleys £13.00

we also have stock of the excellent new Airfix Bedford QLD kits - see PLASTIC KITS 

New Releases for On Track, February 2011

Carpet Layer (Type D) Mk III for Churchill, 1944

76E-35 Australian radios    £6.50
76E-36 Cooking set: camp fire, pots, pans, plates, food etc £5.00
76G-31 Ford G917T GS Truck (supplied with spare later pattern V 3000S bonnet) £18.90
76G-32 Ford V 3000S Maultier (supplied with spare early pattern G917T bonnet)  £19.90
76G-34 MAN E3000 cargo truck    £19.70
LB-B09 TSB (Trestle and Sliding Bay) body  £12.50
LB-B10  Pontoon Body  £12.00
LB-B12 Derrick Body £12.90
LC-B01 Thorneycroft Tartar WOF/AC4  £12.95
KCB-55 Scammell Pioneer R100 Artillery Tractor    £17.50
KCB-57 Buffalo LVT4 detailing set (parts for 2 vehicles)   £6.90
KCG-27 Panzerjäger Bren 731(e)   £2.95
KCG-28  Wooden T-34 turret for SdKfz 251  £4.50
ENG-04 British Pontoon   £10.50
ENG-05 Pontoon Bridge Roadway  £10.00
ENG-04/05 Pontoon Raft: 3 pontoons and roadway   £40.00
ENG-10 Caterpillar D4 Tractor with angle dozer     £15.25
AAC-10 20kVA generator and generator body for Austin K6     £15.95
Stocks of Giesbers and Art Toys kits are running low

New Releases November 2010

76J-08 Ishiki 47mm AT gun
KCA-10 DUKW  A-Frame and detail set
KCB-56 6pdr AT Gun Early Pattern (El Alamein)
76G-27 StuG Ammunition Trailer SdAh 32
76G-28 20 / 37 mm Ammunition Trailer
76G-29 Opel Admiral Saloon Staff Car
76G-30 Opel Admiral Ambulance
Eng-09 Caterpiller D4 Tractor
Lorry Range  See British 6x4 Lorries for extra information
LCC-03  Albion BY3
LCC-04 Crossley IGL8
LCC-05 Karrier CK6
Specialist Bodies for British 3 ton 6x4 lorries
LB-B05 Wireless No. 3 body:
LB-B06 Small Box Girder (SBG) body
LB-B07 Workshop No. 7 body
LB-B08 Machinery No 4 body, with Type M (Motor maintenance) equipment

76G29 Opel Admiral.jpg (70263 bytes) 76G-29


Click here for links to Modelstories reviews of our kits


76Cz01Tatra.jpg (51194 bytes)  76Cz-01
Sales   various kits, including  Art Toys  -  Ready-built  -  BK  -  Giesbers  -  Matchbox (sale prices, while stocks last)

Price reductions - JB and Fujimi kits now reduced - see plastic kits 

We are very grateful to M. JC Carbonel of  modelstories.free.fr  for permission to reproduce some of his pictures of our kits, such as 76J-06, right.  His site contains reviews of the kits and suggestions or slight conversions and additions.  While we do not always quite agree with his conclusions, the care and skill with which he and his friends have constructed our kits has resulted in some models of very high quality, which we are pleased to be allowed to display.   

MATA_KURO_FIN6.jpg (46955 bytes)

The Great War Range.

In response to feedback from friends and customers we decided in 1995 to reorganise some of our range, to bring all the First World War kits together. If you are working from old catalogues and wonder where some former KC and 76B kits have gone, see the conversion table at:

GW changes. 

Proprietor: Matador Enterprises Ltd., Registered in England No. 4178075





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